Kayak Classes

Beginner Kayak Classes

Kayak Fundamentals – ACA level 1

A thorough introduction to decked boat kayaking. Learn the fundamentals of your boat, gear, and the essential paddling strokes that make kayaking fun. It’s a huge help to learn correct form early – you will paddle more efficiently and be able to improve rapidly.

Dates: See Calendar
Level/Prerequisites: Beginner
Price: $125

Intermediate Kayak Classes

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ACA Level 2

An 8-hour intermediate class that will take your skills to a new level. Even most paddlers with years of experience will benefit from this thorough exploration of the theory and practice of paddling a kayak. Don’t just thrash through the water: learn proper technique that promotes efficiency & provides a gateway to more advanced skills.
Dates: See Calendar
Level/Prerequisites: Level 1 skills
Price: $125
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Coastal Kayaking Level 2 Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW) (21 hours)

Learn and practice how to be an ACA-certified Level 2 Instructor in this three-day Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW). This ICW will be taught by Josh Hall and Julie McCoy. The first two days will cover instruction and practice, with the third and final day providing an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their instruction skills for certification.  Participants must be members of the American Canoe Association in good standing and should be familiar with the skills and knowledge for Level 2 skills.
Dates: July 22 to 24
Prerequisites: Level 2 skills and knowledge
Price: $525
Register here.  For additional information, contact Julie McCoy at jkm@tubbyhook.com

The Elegant Blade

An elegantly handled paddle is a quiet and cool demonstration of skill. But it is more than that: it is also the key to efficiency. Find your inner elegance through demonstration, experimentation, and games. (2.5 Hours)
Dates: See Calendar
Prerequisites: Level 2 Skills
Price: $40
To Register, contact us at info@kayakfoundation.org.

Advanced Kayak Classes

ACA Level 3

This 8-hour class refines your strokes and introduces cool new skills. Learn to paddle with efficency, fluidity, control, and grace. We begin to learn more about paddling in a coastal environment & explore more advanced safety & rescue techniques (detailed curriculum goto American Canoe Association website).
Date: See Calendar
Prerequisite: Level 2 skills.
Price: $125
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Let’s Get Wet! Flat Water Safety

This full day of learning and practicing a wide variety of safety and rescue techniques takes place at Lake Sebago at Harriman State Park. Self-rescue & group rescue skills are introduced, from essentials to the exotic. Each paddler has a chance to discover which works best under which circumstances. Rescues & recovery techniques must be constantly practiced.
Date: See Calendar
Prerequisite: Level 2 skills.
Price: $125
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Trip Leader Training And Certification

This advanced 2 day class is intended for those who will be leading kayak trips & have good personal skills & experience & want to take the next step: leading other paddlers. You will learn how to plan a safe trip, how to lead others effectively, how to minimize risks.
Dates: See Calendar
Prerequisite: Level 2 skills.
Price: $250
To Register, please contact us at info@kayakfoundation.org

Level 3 ACA Coastal Kayak Instructor Training

The Kayak Foundation is delighted to welcome Nate Hanson back for our annual Instructor Training series.  This year we are jumping up to ACA Level 3, with a 3-day Instructor Development Workshop from Saturday, September 30 through Monday, October 2, followed by a 2-day Instructor Certification Exam on Saturday October 21 and Sunday October 22.  The ICE can also be used by currently certified L3 instructors as an update.  For information, please contact matt@kayakfoundation.org and see this link.
Dates: IDW–September 30 to October 2; ICE—October 21 to 22
Prerequisites: Level 3 skills and knowledge
Price: IDW $480; ICE $320

Bouncy Currents
(ACA Level 3/4)

An introduction to the unique challenges and fun of paddling in swiftly moving harbor currents. Play and experiment with your paddling and rescue techniques in open bouncy water.
Dates: See Calendar
Prerequisite: Solid Level 2 skills.
Price: $125
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Lumpy Waters
(ACA Level 4)

Introduction to rough water skills and the joy of playing in moving waters. Beach launching and landing techniques; reading moving water; control in current; use of the stern rudder in current and surf; effective edging and bracing when broached; surf in tide- race; group management, and safety in the surf zone. Held at Democrat Point, Long Island.
Prerequisite: Solid Level 3 skills.
Dates: See Calendar
Price: $125
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For more information: info@kayakfoundation.org

Sunday, May 21          Bumpy Currents

Saturday, June 3         Kayak ACA Level 1 Class

Saturday, June 10       Kayak ACA Level 2 Class

Sunday, June 11          SUP Level 1 Class

Sunday, July 9             SUP Level 2 Class

Saturday, July 15         Kayak ACA Level 1 Class

Sunday, July 16           Lump Water

Saturday, July 22         Kayak ACA Level 2 Class

Saturday, July 22-24   Kayak ACA Level 2 Instructor Workshop and Certification (contact Julie McCoy at jkm@tubbyhook.com for information; register here)

Saturday, August 5     ACA Level 3 Class

Saturday, August 12   Let’s Get Wet!  (Lake Sebago) – Flatwater Kayak Safety Class

Sunday, August 13      SUP Level 2 Class

Saturday, August 26   Kayak ACA Level 3 Assessment

Sunday, August 27      Kayak ACA Level 2 Class


ACA Level 3 Coastal Kayak Instructor Training

Friday, Sept 29 — Sunday October 1: ACA Level 3 Instructor Development Workshop

Saturday, October 21 —Sunday October 22: ACA Level 3 Instructor Certification Exam

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Address & Directions

We are located at One15 Brooklyn Marina, 159 Bridge Park Dr, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Whether you enter from Pier 6 located near Atlantic Avenue or Old Fulton Street, follow the path to the One15 Brooklyn Marina between piers 3 and 5. You’ll know it when you arrive: you’ll see the moored sailboats.

Nearby Transportation

There is indoor public parking at the One Brooklyn Bridge Park residential tower. Free parking in the neighborhood near the park is extremely limited and cannot be counted on, but you could try. We highly recommend taking public transportation, biking or walking to the park. BBP is accessible by subway (A/C to High Street, F to York Street or 2/3 to Clark Street train station) bus (nearest buses are the B25, B61, B63, B67) or arrive by East River Ferry or NY Water Taxi.


If biking is your preferred means of transportation then the Brooklyn Bridge Park is the perfect place for you. Whether you enter from the North or South Entrance of the park, there’s a bike path that will lead you to Pier 4.

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